Sabun Daun Sirih ( Traditional Soap for Woman ) Liquid 20 Ml

Sabun Daun Sirih ( Traditional Soap for Woman ) Liquid 20 Ml
Sabun Sirih Liquid 20 Ml Madura Soap

Since the first time wives trying to find the secret to give satisfaction to her husbands.
Variety ways, methods, and herbal medicines were adopted to drink butdid not exceded expected results.

"Sabun Daun Sirih" its made from traditional herbal plant, used by womens to give satisfaction to their husbands..

SInce a long time ago, a wife is always looking for the secret to this satisfaction. Many methode are done.
But only from the Madura Island, for many years women tried to investigate and elaborate carefully, trying to combine some advantagse which finally succeeded to get the invention of
It also tightens the vaginal muscles (kesed)
Rules of Use:
Soaped interior femininity flatten and hushed for a few minutes, rinsed last / to be washed until cleanness..

1. Creating harmony in the household, husband and wife happiness
2. Absorb excessive mucus
3. Make vagina becomes kesed
4. Eradicating germs in the vagina
5. Eliminate unpleasant odors
6. Eliminate black mole-mole between your thighs
7. Eliminating the smell of sweat

Caution: Women who are menstruating are forbidden to use soap.

Origine: Indonesia

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