Footis footcare cream 60 grams - To Heel Foot Care

Footis footcare cream 60 grams - To Heel Foot Care
Footis footcare cream.

Footis is cream with natural ingredients suitable for dry and cracked feet - broke.

Footis contains Portulaca extract to strengthen skin layers, while jojoba oil as a moisturizer will hydrate, soften and smooth rough skin.

Gentle Cream For Foot Care

Portulacae Herba Extract 2,1 g

Aloe vera gel 2,1 g
Centellae Herba Extract 1,5 g
Oleum Simmodsia chinesis 1,5 g
Basis cream ad 60 g

Efficacy and Usefulness:
Help moisturize the skin on the soles and heels.

Usage Rules:
Clean feet to clean, dry feet and then apply FOOTIS Footcare the area dry and cracked 3 times a day or as often as desired.

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