Bersih Darah - 100 Pills - Cleanses Blood

Bersih Darah - 100 Pills - Cleanses Blood
Bersih Darah - 100 Pills - Cleanses Blood

Cleanse dead blood, relieve skin disease that caused by dirty blood such as boil, acne, itches, the red spots in skin,
scabies, etc. Cleanse and refresh blood, also improve blood circulation.

Ingredients: Sappan Lignum, Curcumae Rhizoma Extract, Tinosporae Caulis, Andrographidis Herba, Alstoniae Cortex, Centellae Herba.

Direction: Take regularly 5 pills three times a day. For Children: 3 pills three times a day.

Package: One box (contains 100 pills).

Suggestion: Avoid caution crab, shrimp, sea food and so forth.

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