Jamu Bibit- Pill - Herbs to promote fertility

Jamu Bibit- Pill - Herbs to promote fertility
Jamu Sehat Kandungan- Pill - Herbs to promote fertility

Should be taken regularly by women who have difficulty becoming pregnant. Promotes fertility however, these herbs should not be taken if menstruation occurs irregularly.

Gynecology Pills / Healthy Content Production PT. Dami Sariwana is a fertilizing drug that proved efficacious content of herbal ingredients High Efficacious. This fertility medicine is made from selected ingredients that have been researched and tested by experts who are very good for fertility problems. The goodness of any of the above ingredients you can feel on each pack of Healthy Pills Content of Dami Sariwana

-zeamays rhizoma 26 mg
-imperatae radix 13mg
-phaseolii semen 13mg
-curcumae rhizoma 13mg
-glukosa ad 250mg and other ingredients.

Recommended Dosage: Take 6 pills every 3 times a day, especially following one's menstrual period.

Package: One box (contains 100 pills per box).


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