Lokol Tea - To Reduce Cholesterol Level

Lokol Tea - To Reduce Cholesterol Level
Lokol Tea - To Reduce Cholesterol Level

Lokol Tea, lowers and normalises cholesterol level. High cholesterol level will increase the risks of Arteroschlerosis,
which is the thickening and weakiening of the artery walls, one of the causes of coronary heart disease.

Lokol Tea is made out of natural ingredients from Indonesia. These are processed using latest pharmaceutical technology of extraction.

Lowers and normalises cholesterol lvel. Lower cholesterol level noticeable after taking Lokol Tea regularly 30 days.

Direction to use:
Drink regularly 3 times a day. Put tea bag in a cup of boiling water. For faster result and colour, dip tea bag a couple of times in the cup.

One box (Contains 30 tea bags).

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