Bersalin- 10 sachets - For after birth care

Bersalin- 10 sachets - For after birth care
Bersalin - Sido Muncul - 10 sachets - For after birth care.

For women after child birth, in need of extra red blood cells, and brings the womb in shape again.

Help also with the milk production, and makes you feel young again

2 x sehari @ 1 bungkus. Mulai hari ke-11 sampai hari ke-40 sehabis melahirkan.  1 bungkus diseduh dengan 100 cc (kurang lebih ½ gelas) air hangat. Untuk selanjutnya minum jamu Galian Parem   Stir 2 x a day sachet in 100 cc water , 1/2 glas warm water. Start the 51th day after the birth 

Only for women


Composition: Alyxiae Cortex, Parameriae Cortex, Litseae odoriferae Folium, Kaempferiae Rhizoma  Zingiberis aromaticae Rhizoma     .

Instructions : 2 x a day, stir in a glas of warm water

Package: One box (contains 10 sachets).

For women only

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