100 percent Authentic Kopi Luwak Sulawesi Premium, Arabica 100
[100 Gr, Bean]

100 percent  Authentic Kopi Luwak Sulawesi Premium, Arabica 100
This 100 percent Authentic Kopi Luwak BEANS comes from Sulawesi Indonesia. The island of Sulawesi is renowned for its coffee. In particular, the Kalosi Toraja is fa.mus and is often accompanied by large coffee producers in your mixes. From this region comes this pure Kopi Luwak. We obtain this pure Kopi Luwak directly from a farm of our relationship, Thus, we can vouch for that Kopi Luwak with our seal of quality.
The cleaned coffee beans are hand roasted in a pan over an open fire and then selected by hand. The most expensive coffee in the world, like promoted by Jack Nickolson in the movie "The Bucket List "
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