Pegal Linu Complete (Komplit)

Pegal Linu Complete (Komplit)
Pegal Linu Complete (Komplit) - The Complete Sciatica Herb

Relieve tiredness, sciatica, muscles and bones aches after working hard, doing sports, or traveling.

The Complete Sciatica Herb Powder will lessen the pain since it consists of ingredients of:
- Anti-pain and anti-inflammation (holed pepper, Javanese chili, ginger, scented lempuyang, galingale, beras kencur).
- Which soothes tense muscles (holed pepper, Javanese chili, scented lempuyang, rimpang teki, greater galingale herb).
- Anti-fatigue (ginseng).
- Tonic (ginseng, rimpang teki).
Appetizer (holed pepper, scented lempuyang, ginger, greater galingale herb, rimpang teki).
The Complete Herb is a series of herb in one sachet that is intended to be more practical, economical, easy to serve and tasty.

A sachet of Pegal Linu Complete Complete Herb consists of:
- Herbal Powder (Pegal Linu)
- Beras Kencur (Rice mixed with greater galingale herb)
- Honey
- Ginseng Pill
- Scented Ginger
Sciatica Herb Powder, Beras Kencur, Honey, Ginger, and Ginseng Pill.

5 sachets.
For women and men.

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