Kuku Bima Ginseng - Increases Vitality - 10 Sachets

Kuku Bima Ginseng - Increases Vitality - 10 Sachets
Kuku Bima Complete (Komplit) - 5 Sachets

Increases vitality, strengthen the waist and the kidneys, increases enthousiasm and zest to work, keeps the body healthy.

Composition :
Panax ginseng, Eurycomae longifolia, Kaempferiae Rhizoma, Zingiberis Rhizoma, Zingiberis aromaticae, Phyllanthi Herba, Another ingredients.

Directions for use :
Mix 1 package in 100 cc (1/2 glass) boiling water. Take regularly 1 sachet every night or according to need.

10 sachets powder
For men.

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