Kuku Bima Complete (Komplit) - 10 Capsul

Kuku Bima Complete (Komplit) - 10 Capsul
Kuku Bima Complete (Komplit) - 10 Capsuls

It contains ingredients that:
- Raise the strength and spirit (Ginseng)
- Reduce pain and raise appetite.
- Raise libido (contain Eurycoma)
The Complete Herb is a series of herb in one sachet that is intended to be more practical, economical, easy to serve and tasty.
A capsul of Kuku Bima Complete Herb consists of:
- Herbal Powder (Kuku Bima)
- Beras Kencur (Rice mixed with greater galingale herb)
- Honey
- Ginseng Pill
- Scented Ginger
Kuku Bima Herbal Powder, Beras Kencur, Honey, Ginger, Ginseng Pill.
Raise the strength and spirit, and strengthen waist.
10 capsul
For men.

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