Kuku Bima Ginseng Instan - 5 Sachets

Kuku Bima Ginseng Instan - 5 Sachets
Kuku Bima Ginseng Instan - 5 Sachets

This ingredient consists of ginseng, which can raise the psychomotor activity so that it will keep the stamina well. Also, ginseng can release fatigue so that it keeps the body fresh.
Eurycomae Radix can raise men�s libido so that men can do the sexual activity well. Eurycomae Radix can also make the sperm quality well.
Zingeberis officinel Rhizoma prevents the feeling of nausea. Zingeberis officinel Rhizoma and Zingeberis aromaticae Rhizoma reduce the pain.
Meniran and fiber helps to carry out discharging feces and urination. Honey adds body nutrition.

Ginseng Radix extract, Eurycomae Radix extract, Kaempferiae Rhizoma extract, Zingeberis Rhizoma extract, Zingeberis aromaticae Rhizoma extract, Phyllanti Herba extract, Honey powder, Fiber.

This plus honey ingredient is intended to keep and raise men�s stamina, libido, and makes them look young. It also intended to carry out blood circulation, discharging feces, reduce the possibility of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

A pack @ 5 Sachets.
For men.

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