Kuniring - 60 Capsules - Anti-Inflammatory

Kuniring - 60 Capsules - Anti-Inflammatory
Kunirin - 60 Capsules - Stimulate the immune system and stamina, and as anti-inflammatory

Contains white turmeric, which is very effective agains fight of certains cancer, and has a lot of anti oxydants, and oil content

Mechanism of action:

Stimulate the immune system and stamina, and as anti-inflammatory. Turmeric Extract contains: • Essential oils and curcuminoid, working digestive system. • Caffeic acid can stimulate the spirit, as a refresher, reduce fatigue and anti-inflammatory. • Protochatechuic acid and ukanon A, B, C and D can stimulate endurance, stamina and immunity.

Composition: Curcumae domesticae Rhizoma Extract.

Direction For Use: Take 2 times a day 2 capsuls.

Package: One jar (contains 60 Capsules).

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