Darsi - 60 caps - To Cure Dirty Blood, prevent Acne

Darsi - 60 caps - To Cure Dirty Blood, prevent Acne
Darsi - 60 caps - To Cure Dirty Blood, prevent Acne

Acne is something that worries a lot of people, especially adolescents because it can affect their social life.
Jerawat Pill will help to cure acne by way of your inner system and in a short time you will see the results, as smooth and fresh complexion
which give you confidence. Jerawat Pill is made from high quality herb and plant leaves,
such as Momordicae Folium and the Radix of Curcumae Rhizoma all of which are planted in Indonesia and processed according to modern
technology and based on traditional Indonesian recipes.

To cure dirty blood and the result such as : skin disease, acne boils, the red spots in skin, also galigata and improves blood circulation.

Curcumae Rhizoma Extract 110 mg
Zingiberis aromaticae Rhizoma Extract 110 mg
Zingiberis purpurei Rhizoma Extract 110 mg
Andrographidis Herba Etxract 82.5 mg
Curcumae domesticae Rhizoma Extract 55 mg
Sappan Lignum Extract 55 mg
Elephantopi Folium Extract 27.5 mg

Efficacy and Usefulness:
Help reduce acne, boils and itching. Helps improve blood circulation.

How to use:
Take regularly 2 times a day @ 2 capsules. The dose may be increased or decreased as needed. For children use half of the adult dose.

It is advisable to drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day.

Package: One box (contains 60 caps).

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