Dara 60 Caps - Helps Maintain Healthy Breasts

Dara  60 Caps - Helps Maintain Healthy Breasts
Dara - 60 caps - Enhance and Tigthen The Breasts

Every woman desires healthy, plump and tight breasts.

It is not perfect to have a beautiful posture and pretty face without the complementary exciting breasts.

Dara Pill is a beauty product used to enlarge and tighten loose breast muscles. The pills beautifies the shape of your breasts, makes it fresh and smooth.

Curcumae Rhizoma Extract 165 mg
Baeckeae Folium Extract 110 mg
Coptici Fructus Extract 110 mg
Melaleucae Fructus Extract 82.5 mg
Boesenbergiae Rhizoma Extract 82.5 mg

Efficacy and Usefulness:
Help maintain breast health. Helps improve blood circulation.

How to use:
Take regularly 2 times a day @ 2 capsules. The dose may be increased or decreased as needed.
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