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Galian Putri - Pill - No. 64 : Give Beautiful Girlish Figure

Galian Putri - Pill - No. 64 : Give Beautiful Girlish Figure
Galian putri no 64 - Nonya Meneer 100 Pills nr 64

Gives girls a beautifull girlish figure, fresh young healthy expressions.


Guazumae Folium 5 %
Retrofracti Fructus 5%
Kaempferiae Rhizoma 20 %
Curcumae Domesticae Rhizoma 30%
Other Ingredients up to 100 %


Infusions of this medicinal herbs will insure you a beautiful girlish figure, slender, lithe, and supple.
It will give you a daisy-fresh and vivacious complexion.

Recommended dosage :

Take 10 pills every morning and evening with warm water before eating.

Store in a dry place..

Package: One box (contains 100 pills per box).

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