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Xirat - 60 Capsules - Anti Cancer and Tumors

Xirat - 60 Capsules - Anti Cancer and Tumors
Xirat - 60 Capsules - Cancer and Tumor Herbal

Xirat extract is made from the leaves of the Sirsak Plant, a proven traditional herb helping people with cancer, and tumors. The Sirsak leaves from the plant contains Acetogenin, which innhibit the grown of cancer cells.

Other Indications:
Anti-bacterial, anti-tumor and cancer.
• Traditionally used for cancer patients • Antioxidant and anti-tumor.

Mechanism of action:
Acetogenin in Xirat could inhibit cancer cells by inhibiting the metabolism of cancer cells. Normal cells are not affected by the work acetogenin.

Composition: Annonae muricata folium extract.

Direction For Use: Take 2 times a day 2 capsuls.

Package: One jar (contains 60 Capsules).

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