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Mastin - 60 Capsuls - Anti Cancer Mangis extract

Mastin - 60 Capsuls - Anti Cancer Mangis extract
Anti Cancer Herbal 60 Capsules - Mangis extract

Antioxidants extracted from skin of Mangis (Mangistan) fruit, the most powerfull antioxidant fruit in the world! The antioxidant in Mangistan is 10 times higher then oranges or other fruits. Anti Oxidant fight cancer cells, and protect healthy cells.

Other Indications:
Anti-bacterial, anti-tumor and cancer, maintain healthy skin, maintain good health, thrush, dysentery, anti-aging, hypertension, anti-obesity, anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal, tuberculosis.

Mechanism of action:
Xanthones contained in Mangistan is a very powerful antioxidant potential for maintaining a healthy immune system and mental health support.

Composition: Garciniae Fructus Cortex Extract.

Direction For Use: Take 2 times a day 2 capsuls.

Package: One jar (contains 60 Capsules).

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