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Tolak Angin Complete (Komplit) - 10 Sachets

Tolak Angin Complete (Komplit) - 10 Sachets
Tolak Angin Complete (Komplit) - 10 Sachets

It consists of ingredients, which:
- Decrease fever (ules, clove leaves, peppermint leaves)
- Prevent headache and nausea (ginger, peppermint leaves)
- Prevent sore throat (adas, clove leaves and peppermint leaves) - Raise body resistance (ginseng)
The Complete Herb is a series of herb in one sachet that is intended to be more practical, economical, easy to serve and tasty.

A sachet of Tolak Angin Complete Herb consists of:
- Herbal Powder (Jamu Tolak Angin)
- Beras Kencur (Rice mixed with greater galingale herb)
- Honey (Madu Jeruk Nipis)
- Ginseng Pills (Pil Ginseng)
- Scented Ginger (Jahe Wangi)
Healing cold and its symptoms: fever, dizziness, sore throat, nausea, flatulence, stomachache, chilly sensation, and watering of the eyes).
It also keeps the resistance of the body while working hard, staying awake late at night, and traveling.
Tolak Angin Herbal Powder, Beras Kencur, Honey, Ginger, Ginseng Pills.
Recommended Usage:
Pour one sachet Jamu Tolak Angin with +- 100 ml hot water. Add Beras Kencur with Madu Jeruk Nipis and stir well. Drink it immediately with Ginseng Pill to increase stamina.
Afterwards, take Jahe Wangi with +- 50 ml hot water to neutralized aftertastes.

10 sachets.
For women and men.

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