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Tolak Angin Extra Warm - Good For Common Cold and Its Symptoms

Tolak Angin Extra Warm - Good For Common Cold and Its Symptoms
Tolak Angin Extra Warm - Good For Common Cold and Its Symptoms

Good for common cold and its symptoms such as fever, headache, sore throat, nausea, flatulence, abdominal pain, feeling of cold, sore eyes. Warm the body.

Tolak Angin is made from Indonesia's finest herbal recipe. Originally formulated in 1930 by Mrs. Rahmat Sulistyo, a local herbal store-owner who created a herbal medicine for common cold. The pill-shaped herbal medicine was called Jamu Masuk Angin (literally means 'Herbs for common cold').

In 1951, Mrs. Rahmat Sulistyo founded PT. Sido Muncul (a Javanese term for 'dreams come true') in Semarang. Jamu Masuk Angin was the first product that went mass production under the trademark Tolak Angin and it was made in powder form.

Since 1970s, Tolak Angin has gone through various scientific researches. It has been proven that Tolak Angin is good for common cold or simply to improve general well being.

In 1990s, supported by modern technologies and laboratories, PT. Sido Muncul launched Tolak Angin Liquid + Honey, a unique blend of Jamu Tolak Angin extract added with honey, and Tolak Angin Tablets for a more practical way of drinking herbal medicine.

Then PT. Sido Muncul created Tolak Angin Kiddies, a sweet-tasting natural food supplement for kids.

Ingredients :
Amoni Fructus, Foeniculli Fructus, Isorae Fructus, Myristicae Semen, Burmanni Cortex, Centellae Herba, Caryophylli Folium, Parkiae Semen, Oryza sativa, Menthae arvensitis Herba, Usneae Thallus, Zingiberis Rhizoma var rubra, Panax Radix extract, Royal jelly.

Recommended dosage :
Take 3-4 x daily @ 1 tablet.
For preventive take 1 tablet daily.
Pregnant women and children below 12 years old are prohibited to take this tablet.
One box (Contains 12 strips, each strip contains 4 tablets).
For men and women.

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