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Kenis - 12 Capsules- For Diabetes Mellitus

Kenis - 12 Capsules- For Diabetes Mellitus
Kenis - 12 Capsules- For Diabetes Mellitus

Effective to reduce high blood sugar level and alleviate its symptoms such as frequent feeling of thirsty,
great appetite without any weight gain or even loosing weight, weakness, frequent feeling of drowsy, blurred vision, frequent urination,
slow recovery of wounds, etc.

Ingredients: Andrographidis Herba Extract, Momordicae Folium, Anisi Vulgaris Fructus, Alstoniae Cortex,
Orthosiphonis Folium Extract, Alyxiae Cortex.

Direction: Take regularly 1 capsules once a day.

Suggestion: It is recommended to consume plenty of vegetables and have the blood sugar checked regularly. Avoid starchy and sweet foods.

Package: One box (contains 12 capsules).

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