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Jamu Godok B. Timbangan ( indonesian herbal mix) 3.5 oz

Jamu Godok B. Timbangan ( indonesian herbal mix) 3.5 oz
Jamu Godok asli Indonesia ( Indonesian drie herbal mix @ tea) 1 bag 3.5 oz B. Timbangan Recent medical news reports support the long held belief that Jamu Godok may prevent cancer( read disclaimer). This comment is not to imply that Jamu Godok is a cure for cancer, only that some believe that it has for themselves or for others. I basket contains dried herbs, bark, mushrooms and much more. It is prepared as a black tea, hot water, boil for an hour, cool down,keep it in refrigirator for weeks. Warning : This herbal tea is unbelievable bitter, so be aware. Basicly it cleans the body of all kind of things, alcohol, nicotine, and more. Makes a couple of liters herbal tea. Recent medical studies continue to confirm that those who drink black or green tea show a 60% to 75% decrease in various types of cancer possible due to the strong antioxidant properties of polyphenols found in tea as well as weak acids with antioxidant properties. The policies of the F.D.A. prevent us from stating that Jamu Godok cures any ailment. They require scientific studies be done before claims can be made. Studies cost many millions of dollars. The pharmaceutical industry which works closely with the F.D.A. is unwilling to conduct such studies on home cures. The F.D.A. does not conduct such studies. Even two thousand years of positive anecdotal information about Jamu Godok is not good enough for the F.D.A. They will not allow us to state that Jamu Godok can cure any illnesses. We therefore do not make any such claim. . . So as to avoid getting nasty letters from them.

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