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Kenis - 60 Capsules - Lowering Glucosa

Kenis - 60 Capsules - Lowering Glucosa
Kenis - 60 Capsules - Lowering levels in the blood glucosa.

Helps again Diabetic
Reduce eating foods that contain a lot of starch and sugar.

Only for people with diabetes who have established a doctor. During the use of this product, consult your doctor regularly.

Mechanism of action:
• Andrographidis Herba (Paniculata)
Active substance andrographolide is the major active ingredient in bitter that works to reduce levels of glucose in the blood. • Momordicae Folium (Pare)

Contains karantin, momordisin and polypeptide (p-insulin) are effective for lowering blood sugar levels. • Orthosiphonis Folium (leaf cat whiskers)

Orthosifonin and salt content of potassium is the main component that helps dissolution of uric acid, phosphate, and oxalate in the human body, especially in the bladder, gallbladder, and kidneys which can prevent the occurrence of kidney stones precipitate.


Momordicae Folium Extract
Andrographidis Herbal Extract
Orthosiphonis Folium Extract

Direction For Use: Take 2 times a day 2 capsuls.

Package: One jar (contains 60 Capsules).

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