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Kusmag 60 caps -Overcoming indigestion

Kusmag 60 caps -Overcoming indigestion
Kusmag 60 caps -Overcoming indigestion.

Other uses:
Shed fart, increase appetite, and relieve pain.

Mechanism of action:
•Powder useful for resolving grievances abdominal pain, flatulence overcome, and can increase appetite
•Turmeric is used for appetite enhancer.
•Liquorice beneficial to help maintain digestive health.
•Cilantro is usually used to facilitate digestion and appetite enhancer.
• Fennel can be used as an appetite enhancer

Helps Maintain Healthy Digestive Function.


Kaempferiae Rhizoma Extract 137.50 mg
Curcumae domesticae Rhizoma Extract 137.50 mg
Foeniculi Fructus Extract 110.00 mg
Glycyrrhizae Radix Extract 82.50 mg
Coriandri Fructus Extract 82.50 mg
Efficacy and Usefulness:

Helps relieve nausea, heartburn, flatulence.

How to use:

Take regularly 2 times a day @ 2 capsules. The dose may be increased or decreased as needed.
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