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Asi - 100 Pills - Smoothen Lactation

Asi - 100 Pills - Smoothen Lactation
Asi - 100 Pills - Increase The Production of Breastmilk

To smoothen the production of mother's milk, and to keep the baby healthy and strong and
also the healthy condition of the mother during lactation.Help launch Mother’s Milk (ASI) and help refresh the body

Erytrinae Folium 45.00 mg
Elephantopi Folium 45.00 mg
Ocimi bacillici Folium 45.00 mg
Coriandri Fructus 22.50 mg
Usneae Thallus 22.50 mg
Foeniculi Fructus 22.50 mg

Direction For Use: Take regularly 2 times a day @ 5 pills during breastfeeding. The dose may be increased or decreased as needed.

Package: One box (contains 100 pills).

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