Kolesari Herb - 40 Capsules - Eliminate Fatty Substances

Kolesari Herb - 40 Capsules - Eliminate Fatty Substances
Kolesari Herb - 40 capsules of 450 mg - Eliminate Fatty Substances

Cholesterol is a kind of fat naturally formed as soft waxy substance covering inner surface of humans blood vessels. The normal level of cholesterol content in the blood is smaller then 200 mg. cholesterol is produced in the liver and also for consuption of saturated fats in food. A high level of cholesterol in the blood can narrow the passage of arteries and lead to heart attack ans stroke. suggestion reduce consumption of fatty fod and consume more food containing vaamain A, E and K ( carrots apples, soy beans etc ) to eliminate fatty substances in the blood
Package: One box ( 40 capsules ).
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