Bersalin Maturnity Set Complete - 40 Days care after Birth(Pill)

Bersalin Maturnity Set Complete - 40 Days care after Birth(Pill)
Pregnancy and Birth is a natural process that occurs in every woman in any parts of the world. But sometimes the expiry of maternity body shape changes into their own fear of a woman. Often the questions will appear in the new mother of a possible body shape after birth. Therefore, support from people around, particularly husbands, are needed to reduce the anxiety that arises.

Why do you need Maternity Products Jamu Nyonya Meneer ?

Recommended for each age birth mother to treat to treat her body as evidence of self-love in remembrance of the body within 40 days of determining a phase for mothers to be able to change and restore the appearance as before giving birth to remain attractive. One is to use Jamu Nyonya Meneer Complete package for 40 days. Maternity of this herbal medicine forms are in the packet that must be taken and used for 40 days as directed, because in a packet Jamu (Bersalin), there are herbal medicines for treatment inside and outside.

This herbal medicine is good for women up to 40 days after birth..


- Useful to restore the uterus to clean, healthy and strong.
- Increasing blood and appetite,
- Stop the blood that is too much,
- Improves blood circulation, and
- Strengthen the veins on the feet and hands.
- Launched ASI to stay healthy and fresh

In Maternity Package has been filled:

Jamu / Pills No. 1: Were taken at the day-to-1 s / d to-10 Facilitates childbirth blood production, keep in the womb, help relieve heartburn in abdomen

Jamu / Pills No. 2: Were taken at the day-to-10 s / d to-17 Help preserve the health of the uterus, helping to relieve heartburn in the stomach area, launch and launch ASI bowel

Jamu / Pills No. 3: Were taken at the day-to-17 s / d to 24 Help reduce excessive lenders and unpleasant in specific organs of women, helping to relieve headaches

Jamu / Pills No. 4: Were taken at the day-to-24 s / d to-30 Maintain health, improve the appetite, help reduce ganggunan wakeful

Jamu / Pills No. 5 Were taken at the day-to-30 s / d to-38 Help preserve the health of the uterus, helps reduce body fat and help lose weight

Maternity Parem For women who have exhausted childbirth, param is used to treat a cold and swollen, refine and strengthen veins and improve blood circulation. Rubbed on the body, legs or hands.

Pilis Singgul This pilis good for women after childbirth so that the eyes become bright eyes so as not to prevent myopia, treat vertigo. Also excellent for women who work hard to treat the body.

Tapel Betel 1 This Tapel good for women after childbirth 7 days, to treat heartburn feeling, the wind in the stomach, and smooth, refreshing and healthy skin

Tapel figure 1 Tapel good figure for women after childbirth 17 days, to treat all the wind in the stomach. Slim, delicate, refreshing and healthy skin.

Tapel Hundred 1 For women after childbirth 30 days should be adopted so that the stomach smooth as usual

Telon oil 30ml This oil is useful to give your baby a warm feeling, but also to prevent flatulence and in the wind.


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