Jamu Godog Asli - Original Javanese Jamu Godog Timbangan
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Jamu Godog Asli - Original Javanese Jamu Godog Timbangan
Jamu Godog Timbangan

No one doubt, that's herbs and herbal medicine for health are not as famous as chemical medicines.
Nobody doubts that chemical drugs are good for curing the diseases. It runs a very long process for researching and screening before releasing out to the market. But, it has side effect to the body, in the long processing, industry gave many additional ingredients and for some reason it could be absorbed by the body perfectly. And that's a starting point for a new disease.

People who concern about the issue started for a new alternative way for their longer living and healthiness which is without chemical drug. They made a place for people who want to try drinking the ancestor's concoction, some medicines are gotten an improvement by the experts. It is called Jamu Godog In the Javanese words, 'Jamu' means tonic which is made of medical herbs. And 'Godog' means boiling. So, you could combine it by yourself. Drinking Jamu is hundreds years tradition for Javanese. The ancestor was made by leaves, roots, trunk and many things come from the nature. And now it’s available in packages with easy instructions how to make it.

Many people who drink Jamu Godog say that they are getting better after drinking Jamu. They did not just suggested, but they have check it to the hospital and made sure by medical perspective. Even it's kind of something new, and maybe weird for them, they tried to believe that everything came from nature better than factory did. The Javanese motto is: “our roots are our strength. And now it's time for us to respect our self by the nature.”

Not Gout (Uric acid): Uric acid is usually characterized by:
Feel tingling and painful joints, rise to pain at night and during the morning wake up, gout affected joint swelling, redness, heat, and lots of pain. Gout is caused by the remnants of purine metabolism of nutrients derived from the food we consume. Also a byproduct of the breakdown of cells in the blood. Purine is a substance that is found in every food that comes from living in the modern word. In other words, in every body's life there are purine substances, so purine increasing the including many nutrients in our body. To avoid any accumulation of purine substances in our body, drinking Jamu Godok will neutralize those purines, and flushed out the natural way via our urine channels.. Normal rate of purine substances in our body is 2.4 to 6 for women and 3.0 to 7 for men. For patients with uric acid, an absolute must avoid the following foods: Viscera, liver, kidney, spleen, chronicle, intestines, lungs, brains, shrimp, clams, squid, crab, meat, eggs, corned, sardines, meat broth or thick gravy . Also some vegetables and fruits such as: Long beans, peanuts, soybeans (tempeh, know, fermented soybean paste, oncom, soy milk), green beans, Brussels sprouts, melinjo or flakes has to be avoided. Vegetable varieties, spinach, water spinach, cassava leaves, asparagus, cauliflower, beans, strawberries, avocado, pineapple, coconut water, wine and liquor. Also should be avoided. Sometimes we think, this is so complicated to stay of those products, so yes, when you eat well? But do not worry; first reduce uric acid interference with Jamu Godog Herbal and with. God willing, with our Jamu godok, the rate of excess uric acid will gradually return to normal, and you will be healthy again to eat freely again.

Jamu Godok can help for many modern diseases like :

1. Rheumatic
2. Gout ( Uric acid )
3. Stomage problems
4. Allergies
5. Kidney stones
6. Lose weight dramatically
7. Cleans your veins, lowers the cholesterol ,an cleans the blood of alcohol and nicotine

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