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Jamu Herbs Merit Weight Loss Pills 30 Pills

Jamu Herbs Merit Weight Loss Pills 30 Pills
Jamu Merit Weigh Loss Pills 1 sachet of 30 capsuls

FDA approved

1 box contains 10 sachets of 30 capsuls

FDA approved

Jamu Merit reduces flabbiness, while protecting the tone of your skin after weight loss. Jamu Merit is a traditional oral preparation used to induce weight loss and support a healthier, trimmer figure. It has no side effects for long term consumption. This slimming jamu is made from natural herbs and contains no artificial chemical substances.

Ingredients : -Guazumae Folium 150 mg -Rhei Radix 50 mg -Granati Fructus Cortex 50 mg -Extract 500 mg

Indications :

- Tightens stomach, reduce feeling of flabbiness -Cleanses blood -Aids bowel movement -Lessen your appetite without any harm to health -Beneficial for overweight men and women -Helps you achieve a youthful complexion and gain a perfect figure

Directions :

Take 3 pills once a day before sleeping at night.
If necessary, take 3 pills more in the morning.
For beginning treatment, just take 2 pills once a day before sleeping.
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