Rapet Wangi 10 pil

Rapet Wangi 10 pil
Jamu Rapet Wangi is the most proven and potent of Jamu for getting rid of excessive leucorhea. Don't waste your time and money hope or prayer on other products that promised you false hope.

Uses: - Reduces white vaginal discharge. - Eliminates excessive liquid discharge, itch and unpleasant vaginal odors. - Eliminates unpleasant body, mouth and sweat odors. -Tighten and Strengthen Uterus
Dosage: - Take 1 pil 4 x a day, until symptoms cease. - To prevent body and sweat odors and bad breath, take 1x 4 pil every morning.


Composition: Parameriae Cortex, Guazumae Folium, Foenigraeci Semen, Amomi Fructus, Curcumae Domesticae Rhizoma.

Package: One box (contains 10 pil).

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