Sendi - 12 Capsules - Relieve Bone and Joint Pains

Sendi - 12 Capsules - Relieve Bone and Joint Pains
Sendi - 12 Capsules - Relieve Bone and Joint Pains

Sendi capsule is made from high quality herbs and plant extracts, processed according to modern technology based on traditional Indonesian prescriptions.
This herbal remedy is beneficial for men and women who suffer, pain in bones and also to remove fatigue and weakness.

Effect and Usage: Effective to relieve bone and joint pains, muscle pain, etc. To relieve fatigue and weakness,
bring back body freshness and warmness.

Composition: Zingiberis Rhizoma Extract, Curcumae Domesticae Rhizoma Extract, Curcumae Aeruginosae Rhizoma Extract,
Myristicae Semen Extract, Retrofracti Fructus Extract, Languatis Rhizoma Extract, Saussureae Lappae Radix Extract.

Direction for Use: Take regularly 2 capsules three times a day after meals or according to physician.

Package: One box (contains 12 capsules).

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