Dara - Cream - Enhance and Tigthen The Breasts

Dara - Cream - Enhance and Tigthen The Breasts
Dara - Cream - Enhance and Tigthen The Breasts

Every woman desires healthy, plump and tight breasts.

It is not perfect to have a beautiful posture and pretty face without the complementary exciting breasts.

Dara Cream is a beauty cream used to enlarge and tighten loose breast muscles. The cream beautifies the shape of your breasts, makes it fresh and smooth.

Ingredients: Bulus Oil, Coptici Fructus Extract, Baeckeae Folium Extract, Melaleucae Fructus Extract, Curcumae Rhizoma Extract, Boesenbergiae Rhizoma Extract.

Direction: Get your breasts clean using tepid water and dry them with a towel. Take a sufficient amount of Dara Cream, apply it above and below your right and left breasts. And then rub and massage them while you take a lying position for about 15 minutes. See the massage procedure on the leaflet inside. Store below 30C, in a cool and dry place.

Suggestion: In order to get satisfactory results, besides using Dara Cream the regular use of Dara Pill is also recommended.

Package: One tube (15 gram).

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