Empot-empotan Plus - Sexual Enhancer for Women

Empot-empotan Plus - Sexual Enhancer for Women
Empot-Empotan Plus Super with Daun Sirih

Rumaan Khas Madura.
Majakani - Kayu Serapat - Daun Sirih

100 percent Herbal

10 Sachets @ 6 Pills.

This Empot - empotan Plus has Daun Sirih, Majakaini, Kayu Serapat, and Daun Sirih added for extra libido and super strenght.

Tightens the muscles in the female area,that makes the vagina stronger and gives more libido. Also will reduce mucus, itching and unpleasant odors in the female sex area.

Reduce wrinkles in the face, so it will look radiant and youthfull

Makes stomage and breast more tighten.

Expedite and reduce pain during menstruation, and will excite the spirit of the husband.

Use regularly 3 pills 3 times a day before meals (even if mixed with other drugs) Contains:

Majakani 20 percent
Kayu rapat 20 percent
Daun sirih 20 percent
Catechu 20 persen
Gallae 10 percent
Parameriae cortex 10 percent

Empot Empotan will stimulate the libido of women in order to have better satisfactions during intercourse.

Now very popular in Korea, and other Asian Countries.

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