Wasir - 12 Capsules - To Cure Hemorrhoid

Wasir - 12 Capsules - To Cure Hemorrhoid
Wasir - 12 Capsules - To Cure Hemorrhoid

Wasir (hemorrhoid) attacks everybody young and old. Hemorrhoid is caused by the congestion of the abdominal blood circulation,
constipation in a long period of time which results in the accumulation of excrement in the large intestine, sitting too often and in case of pregnancy,
the pressure of the womb upon the axis of the intestine. When you feel the itch around the rectum, followed by swelling and inflammation that lead to bleeding,
it means that you are suffering from hemorrhoid. Just take Wasir capsule for prevention and treatment. Wasir capsule is scientifically made
from plants extracts which have long been use in traditional Indonesian medicine.

Indication: To cure internal and external hemorrhoid.

Ingredients: Centellae Herba Extract, Sennae Folium Extract, Sericocalycis Folium Extract, Colei Atropurpurei Folium Extract, Curcumae Rhizoma Extract.

Direction: Take regularly 2 capsules three times a day.

Package: One box (contains 12 capsules).

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