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galian putri
About Jamu Madura Herbal Group.

Jamu Madura Herbal Group - Indonesian Traditional and Herbal Medicines.

Jakarta, Jaksel, 12840
Phone: +62 85813446273
Website: www.JamuMadura.com
Email: Info@JamuMadura.com

Jamu Madura Herbal Group is the distributor of Indonesian Jamus, and Herbal Products. The company, which is located in Jakarta, is family owned and run. It was founded in 1994 by the present owners who have years experience working with Jamus and Herbals. Jamu Madura Herbal Group range contains well over 1000 different herbals, and traditional medicines, both conventional and organic, and their main brand is Jamu Madura, which is still produced with thousands years old traditional recipies from the Madura Islands. Jamu Madura Herbal Group has many customers both large (whole sale ) and small (retail). The company also sells many other famous brand names in the Jamu Industry, to let you experience a one stop reliable shopping point for traditional herbals and medicines. Jamu Madural Herbal Group is committed to providing products of high quality at affordable prices.

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We offer payments via Paypal, Debit and Credit Cards upon checkout. Our Herbals and Jamus are 100 percent vegetarian and Halal! Shipping starts at $4.95 depending on location. Contact us for more Information and Questions.

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Just visit our shopping basket and start shopping. Do not spent a fortune in Healh Stores, order your herbals and jamu at a reliable source!

Jamu Maduraand others

Our Herbal and Jamu is made of the highest quality, vegetarian and Halal! Our Jamus are made from acient recepies, for 1000 years. we are the sole distributor of Jamu Madura and other Jamus. Please visit our shopping basket for more Jamu products, as Galian Putri and Tongkat Madura, Potent Jamus for men and women and   more...

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