Syifafit - K-Lor - Moringa leaves extract

Syifafit - K-Lor - Moringa leaves extract
K-Lor , Daun Kelor 60 capsules - Moringa leaves, powderfull anti oxidant, and a strong source of Vitamin

Anti Oxidant and Multi Vitamin.

Moringa leaves aside part of the Moringa plant has its benefits as a treatment of diabetes, cholesterol and immunity laxative, it also helps guiding the NUTRITION necessary for the body. Among the minerals and vitamins. Where each 100 g of Moringa leaves contain vitamin A. Two times higher than spinach and thirty times higher than beans. Moringa leaves are also high in calcium, approximately 440 mg / 100 g, and phosphorus 70 mg / 100 g.

Meanwhile dried Moringa leaves are already shaped capsule contains nutrients:

1.vitamin A 10x carrots, 2.calcium 17x glass of milk, Moringa leaves 15x potassium from bananas 4.iron 25x spinach leaves, Moringa leaf protein 9x yogurt.

Efficacy and Uses: 1.traditionally used to help treat rheumatism, muscle pains, rheumatism, shortness of breath, allergies 2.helps and cure diabetes mellitus / diabetes 3.Imunity for the body 4.lessens cholesterol in the body 5.helps for heart disease and nerve system because of high calcium content 6.helps with eyesight because it has a high content of Vitamin A

Dolly Jaiswal research results. Researchers from the Department of Chemistry, University of Jallalabad, India. Moringa extract prove more effective in lowering blood sugar levels than glipizide, a drug commonly recommended doctors to cope with diabetes.

Moringa leaf is not only helping to overcomes the disease. In fact, many patients feel the excited of various other curing of diseases of this plants from northern India..


How to Use:
Take regularly 2 times a day 1 capsules. The dose may be increased or reduced in accordance with the requirements.
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