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Ant Nest 60 Capsules - Cancer and Tumors

Ant Nest 60 Capsules - Cancer and Tumors
ANT NEST 60 Capsules "SHARK" - (Herbal)

You Suffering one of the Chronic Diseases:
Various types of cancers and tumors; Such as breast cancer, brain, nose, liver, lung, colon, uterus, skin, prostate, and blood cancer (leukemia), coronary heart and other cardiovascular disorders, stroke and light weight, Helps treat Lupus, eliminate the lumps on breast, disorders of kidney and prostate, tuberculosis and lung problems, Ambien (Hemorrhoids) new and old, Headache side, migraine, rheumatism, blood circulation, muscle pains, and muscle pain, increase vitality, improve and increase stamina.

Now has come the Indo Herbal Herbal Products From major proven empirically to cure various diseases . The following description and summary:

- Myrmecodia pendans 100%

Usage Rules:
- Treatment of 3 x 3 capsules taken daily until healed, for maximum results drink up to 5 bottles
- Prevention of 2 x daily 2 capsules.

Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 2 years

Contents: 60 Capsules 500mg

POM TR 133 373 081
Manufactured by: Northern Indo Herbal
Code: 6013
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