Sulphur Soap - For Itching, Skin deseases

Sulphur Soap - For Itching, Skin deseases
Sulphur Soap - for Iching skin, skin deseases, and much more

Sulfur Soap / Sulfur Acknowledge, itching destruction soap specially formulated to eliminate stubborn itching, especially on the groin.

Relieve itching in the groin
chronic eczema
Ringworm, ringworm and Panu
Black spots on the body caused by acne
Kill bacteria attached to the body

How to use :

Rub soap on palms then soap the affected body part itches, and let stand for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water. With regular usage and routine hives that exist in the body will be lost.

Attention !!!

Remove Gold or silver rings or other values while using this soap ! .

One bar ( 85 grams )

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