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Soursop leaf Oil capsules 100

Soursop leaf Oil capsules 100
Soursop Leaf Oil Capsules 100

The secrets of Soursop Leaf Oil !

An online article published by Cancer Centers of America discussed a study released in in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, published in 1997, indicated that chemical composites extracted from soursop fruit were more effective at destroying culture breast cancer cells than chemotherapy. Soursop leaves have been shown to kill cancer cells 10,000 times more effectively than other treatments, with the added benefit that it does not harm healthy cells. Soursop has also been found to be very effective in treating the side-effects of chemotherapy. The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry was not alone in its findings. The Health and Sciences Institute has published more than one paper pronouncing that soursop leaves were very effective in killing cancer cells without harming the rest of the body. The National Cancer Institute came to the same conclusion, even the University of Purdue and other universities around the world found similar findings. No further studies have been done however, because soursop is a natural substance, and therefore cannot be patented. However, in some countries it has been used as a treatment for colon, prostate, and lung cancers with some success.

Soursop Leaf Oil Capsules Contents: 100 capsules POM TR. 133 372 601

composition: Annona muricata Folium Oil (Soursop Leaf oil) 500mg ........... Efficacy Soursop Leaf:
* 1000X more potent than chemotherapy
* Killing malignant cells for one type of cancer
* Lowers blood sugar
Lowering high blood pressure
* Prevent free radicals
* Inhibit tumor growth
* Coping with cancer of the prostate, pancreas, lungs etc.
* Coping with hair loss
* Helps to Treat Gout, Lumbago
* Helps to nourish the heart
* Increase the body Hold
Treating anti-seizure medications, pain relief
Treating inflammation in the body
Lowering Fever, Strengthens Nerves
* Smooth digestion and blood circulation
* Neutralize bad Cholesterol

* Improves appetite, etc.

How to use :

Health & Stamina: 3 x 1 capsule / day
Health Ailments: 3 x 2 capsules / day
Chronic Diseases: 3 x 3 capsules / day

Store in a cool and dry And protected from the sun..

Usage Rules:
- Treatment of 3 x 3 capsules taken daily until healed, for maximum results

Contents: 100 Capsules 500mg

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